Friday, 23 July 2010


I have been meditating lately on the value of things. What gives something value? Is it the size, or the material that it is made of? Is it, it's locality or it's rarity? Surely it could be all, some, or none of these things.
In a world where things are many times given value if they are large and ostentatious, I think we sometimes over look the little things. Especially when the little thing is coming from us. I know that, I sometimes battle with thinking that what I have to offer someone else is of little, or of any real consequence to them. Does that happen to you? Do you think that what you have to give someone is insignificant? Perhaps you only have a word of encouragement or a tiny window of time to call a friend or have a cupper. We all know how life can be jammed full to the brim with the 'gotta do's, need to do's and wanna do's. The things that seem to snatch our well meaning wishes away. In spite of that I challenge you to look for some way each day that you can perform not only the 'random' acts of kindness but the 'purposeful and the spontaneous' ones as well. Whether it is dropping a note on someones car bonnet when you leave the house in the morning to say you love them. Or to sweep the elderly widow's walkway for her. Remember that it is the quality of things that matters not just the quantity. Value comes from the one who owns, not just the one who sticks the price tag on.
How many rocks do you recon it would take to amount to the value of the "Hope Diamond"?
I would imagine it would take enough to build a nice size mansion. Yet I would think that even the one sitting in the mansion, would value a cure for their child that has a terminal disease,more than the mansion and all the millions in itself. At least I would hope so.
So don't think that your tiny seed of blessing is of little or no value. Just think about the mustard seed and the giant tree trapped inside its tiny case.{Mark4:41-42} And what about the widow and her few pennies? Jesus valued her offering more than all the millions that the 'so called' religious put in the pot.{Mark 12:41-44} True religion in God's eyes is far more than bench warming on a Sunday morning. It is giving out the love that God has given to us through His beloved son's ultimate sacrifice. It is being like the little lad that gave his lunch away willingly to Jesus. You know the one that fed the multitude.{John 6:9} Remember that God looks on the heart not on the outside. It is better to give the little nothings to someone, with a heart of love than the millions out of a sense of obligation or necessity.
Most of All Remember it is the QUALITY NOT THE QUANTITY that truly counts.
Grace,Peace and Love to you today as you receive this NOW Word, Firedancer
PS here is the link to the song that is on my heart today "Simply Live For You"

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Word UP !!!

Thank you all who have in the recent days read my blog and given me such words of encourage-ment.
I cannot say how overwhelmed my heart is.
Please know that I pray for you all by name and take the time to ask God to bless you and speak directly to your heart as you read the words I write.
By the way I take no credit for the great stuff that comes out on the page.
I know full well that I am just taking dictation.
However for the not so great stuff well that would be me.
In any case I hope that when you read, you go away a little more encouraged. Remembering that we all go through pretty much the same stuff.
The great thing is that we never have to go it alone.
So if you ever need me just shoot me an email or a note and I will shoot up some incense for you directly into God's throne room. And if you can't do that just call out my name and know that I will hear you in the spirit. And I will pray for you even if I don't know you by name. God does and He can and will get the message out and send you the help you need from His sanctuary.
Now be re-freshed as you read 'The WORD UP' aka 'The Fresh Manna For the Day' !!!
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  • My Son Aaron as he turns 22 on the 27th of November thanks for waiting til my turkey was digested to come
  • Gods faithfulness in answering my cry and causing my sister Bobbie to survive the horror of lung cancer and the removal of part of her lung
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