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Part Two Giraffeology~Stick Out Your Tongue and Say AAAH!!!

In Part One I touched a little on the giraffe’s amazingly long tongue.

Today I want to talk about how the giraffe uses their long tongue (which by the way can be extended up to 18inches) to reach their food and it’s parallel to us spiritually.

As we know food is used for basic survival. Although all living creatures can go for a while without food we know that eventually after a relatively short time starvation sets in and the body will begin to feed on itself.

One of the remarkable things (to me) that scientists’ have found, is that the human body can go about 40 days without food before it begins to (what I like to call) ‘flesh out’. Feed on itself.

Wow! Just how cool is that. Jesus our Lord put aside His own personal gratification of the joy of food for us.

Although He was probably hungry at first He was not starving. That would begin to set in after the 40 days. The Bible says; That it was after He went up into the mountain to be tempted of the devil that ‘He hungered’.{*1}

When we feed on spiritual things. Like meditating on God’s word and hangin’ out with Him via prayer, praise and just plain ‘chillin’ or as the new terminology goes “soaking in God’s presence" Our flesh won’t be able to rise up and demand that it be satisfied.

The giraffe has a special choice of yummies that it likes to munch on or should I say is designed to. That being, mostly the bark and leaves of the Mimosa or in Bible times the Acacia Tree.

Fruit is another of their other favs. Remember that we are to feed on the Fruit of the Spirit. {2}

Jesus said that man/wo-man does not live on bread (earthly food) alone but by every word that God speaks. {3}

But what about Acacia? I know you Biblical scholars out there are probably saying; “I know what Acacia wood was used for” “The making of the ‘Ark of the Covenant” and “The Tabernacle of Moses” {*4 & *5}

Double Wow!!

To digress to my native tongue the lingo of Ba-rook-lan-eze (the native tongue of Da ‘Brooklynites’) Ya Ar What Ya Eat.“ Full Stop (As they say here in England) aka “Period”

If we can be like the giraffe and reach up high to get to the goodies God has for us. To coin an old phrase we really do need to be “more spiritual minded so we can truly be of earthly good”. Then we will be satisfied in a way that living for mere self gratification, can never satisfy.

Plus we will be equipped to do the work that God has called us to do. We will have enough of God’s sustenance within us so we can be like the plants and in a way photosynthesize. As we are energized by God as He is Light and there is no darkness in Him. {*6} He will give us the power to shine as the lights in this dark world.{*7}

As the Psalmist says ‘Selah’ {*8} in other words push the pause button for a sec and take time to really think. God cared for us so much that He even uses The marvels of His creation to speak to us.

He chose the same kind of tree that the tallest of all animal in the world feeds on. So to sum it up in a nut shell or should I say ‘an acacia leaf’

Just as the giraffe has to stick it’s neck out and stretch to get it’s nourishment we too “You got it” need to reach for the things that God has for us. The things hidden in His Word.

So chow down bay bay

and until the next Giraffeology report Peace and Love, Firedancer

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  1. That is a really funny picture.

  2. Hi - Just found your blog by way of the Frog and had to say hi and join the trail in following you around. I am loving your out loud living for Our Savior and life itself! Can't wait to read more!


  3. Thanks Jacquie for taking a peek I can't get over how amazing God is what makes the picture of the giraffe so funny to me is that it is real not some computer generated thing. Shows me just how much our loving Lord Loves to make us smile.

    Thanks for joining Ellen as I said in my side bar I am and will forever be praying for the bloggers out there thanks for the encouragement.
    Working on the next Georaffeism and will hopefully have it up in a day or so.
    Off to enjoy the Lord and His gift of this day here in Jolly 'Ol England.
    {{}} Firednacer

  4. Hi Soroya,

    I just had to pop in and thank you for your amazing comments on my blog! YOU made my day!! Thank you!! I have actually been rather weepy for a number of days and your note to me absolutely lifted my spirit! So no, I don't think your irritation was so trivial as it does not seem to take much to reduce me to tears lately. Like you, I turn outwards to the land of Blog and connect to amazing women such as yourself.
    The sunflower is also one of my most favorite flowers and has been for a number of years. I actually just changed my blog header to that picture over this past weekend after I took pictures of the said sunflowers given to me by a sweet friend. So I had to share with everyone by way of my header. Perfect timing for your arrival :)
    I truly believe that Daddy connects us with His perfect timing for a perfect unseen reason. He has been pouring out the need to connect to people all around the world through my blog. It has been nothing short than amazing to be a part of something for someone I've never met and know that He is using me for His purpose of showing His power and love. It is very humbling and I am most grateful.
    By the way, thanks for noticing that I don't call my groupies, "followers". I believe that if someone is going to pay any attention to my ramblings, then they should be recognized as special for their act of kindness.
    Ok, novel done ;)) Can't wait to see your next posting and visit back to the USA. God bless cause He's the Best!

  5. Hi its Karen from
    I saw you had stopped by and I just wanted to prepay the visit and stop by your place to see you too..
    I have enjoyed browsing through your blog and I will be back to visit you soon...
    looking forward to becoming good friends..


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