Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Solja Boy Sean

This is my son the 'Solja Boy' Sean. I just want to thank you all for praying for him as he is on his journey out there doing what God called him to do. I also hope you will be touched as you read the poem.
"Keepsake Box"
I wrote it when he first entered the military and was in a place of great danger.
He was only in contact with me very sporadically.
Now it seems like Deja-vu as he is once again on deployment and I do not know when he will be able to contact me.
I am, as before living the life of faith and claiming Psalm 91 every moment of my day for him.
So thanks for the prayers and the thoughts from a military moms heart.
PS also I hope you will listen to the song Letters from War just click on the tap at the top right of the page that says Song links


Tiny Fingers clutching mine

Miniature Footsteps rapidly tapping to keep pace

Kisses freely lavished

hugs galore

and snuggles I never imagined would cease

Munchkin footprints, high pitched voice

Peek-a-boos and lullabies

are all a part of the keepsake box in my heart

All grown up now...

You don't need me anymore to hold your hand

securely tucked inside mine

Keep you safe from the perils of this


Only my prayers, and wishes and hopes

Cross the vast ocean that separates you from me

I turn you over to the only one who can guard you

As you step out into the destiny that

He has chiseled out for you

No longer my "little man"

It is with great honor that I release you

To spread your wings and fly

Free to fall into the arms of Him

Who will surely catch you up into His everlasting Ones

To hold your not so tiny hand inside

His Immensely Powerful One

More than able to keep you from falling

and present you spotless...

Until you are completely transformed

into the man that He has destined you to be

'Til your footsteps are lost inside

His footprints

and your fingers are forever clasped securely around His

Poem by; Soroya aka SS Firedance© All rights reserved

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Word UP !!!

Thank you all who have in the recent days read my blog and given me such words of encourage-ment.
I cannot say how overwhelmed my heart is.
Please know that I pray for you all by name and take the time to ask God to bless you and speak directly to your heart as you read the words I write.
By the way I take no credit for the great stuff that comes out on the page.
I know full well that I am just taking dictation.
However for the not so great stuff well that would be me.
In any case I hope that when you read, you go away a little more encouraged. Remembering that we all go through pretty much the same stuff.
The great thing is that we never have to go it alone.
So if you ever need me just shoot me an email or a note and I will shoot up some incense for you directly into God's throne room. And if you can't do that just call out my name and know that I will hear you in the spirit. And I will pray for you even if I don't know you by name. God does and He can and will get the message out and send you the help you need from His sanctuary.
Now be re-freshed as you read 'The WORD UP' aka 'The Fresh Manna For the Day' !!!
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  • For my Wonderful English husband who continues to love me and romance me as he promised
  • One of my biggest blessings my sons Sean, Aaron, Evan from my womb and my bonus son Reece from my darling Michaels loins
  • My Son Aaron as he turns 22 on the 27th of November thanks for waiting til my turkey was digested to come
  • Gods faithfulness in answering my cry and causing my sister Bobbie to survive the horror of lung cancer and the removal of part of her lung
  • For all my sisters Careen aka Jill, Leith Allison aka Allie, Marcia in glory land and Bobbie
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