Friday, 10 September 2010

Giraffeology Part Five: Have a Heart Why Don’t Ya

This week I have been thinking about what an amazing animal the giraffe is. Especially in terms of it’s heart. Did you know that if the giraffe did not have such a magnificently designed heart every time it bent it’s neck to drink from a brook or cuddle it’s baby it would pass out.

Not to mention the fact that if the giraffe heart was not built the way that it was there would not be enough blood pumping to it’s system to keep it alive. God designed it so that it’s heart has a powerful pump fitted with a sort of control valve that shuts the flow of blood down when it needs to. Inside of it’s brain there is a sponge like substance that holds just enough blood to sustain the brain function when the valve is shut off. As in the instance of bending down to drink from a brook.

Allowing enough to keep it conscious when it bends down but then opens up again when it raises it’s head to eat of the leaves high up in the trees. Causing the blood flow to travel fast enough to get to it’s brain before it is rendered unconscious.

The pressure that is pumped through it’s system is delicately controlled by our Awe-inspiring Creator so that it’s head is not blown off by the pressure of the blood flow.

By the way the blood flow is a tremendous 20gallons/75litres of blood every ‘get this’ not hour but minute. Wooah!

Just think about how fast you would get out of the petrol station after filling up your car with a pump that went that fast. I bet the guys in the pit stops at the races would love that.

I don’t know how much gas/petrol your car holds but our little MG takes about 55 litres to fill it not even 20 gallons. Man you would have to be really careful to fill your tank at that rate. And forget about doing one of those “I’ll just put in a few pounds/dollars” Ha. You would have to do it in a few seconds or have gasoline all over you shirt. MMM that would go over well with the boss don’t you think? Coming into work stinking like a gasoline refinery.

The giraffe heart is a whopping 25 pounds/11 kilograms. In comparison to a humans whose is only about 11ounces / 310grams. Talk about a big heart.

Now lets look at it in terms of God and His Big Big heart towards us. Just look at the pic of the cute little baby giraffe and it’s mum. What love you can see captured in the picture. God even shows His love through the creatures that He made. All of creation is just a dim reflection of how awesome our loving Lord is. How much he loves us. And I thought the giraffe had a big heart!!!

Just think about how much more God loves us. He gave and gave and gave. I don’t know about you but I think I would have a hard time giving my only begotten son, love of all times. For retched ungrateful, self centered creatures, that us humans can be.

My morning reflection was in Psalm 118 bless the Lord for all times because His love endures forever. That is FOREVER, never ending, continual, eternally, for ever and ever and ever…. I don’t know about you but that thought alone short circuits my thinking. I have a hard time not getting my ‘panties in a bundle’ or as they say here in Jolly “Ol ‘my knickers in a knot’, with those who don’t respond kindly to me when I am TRYING to be nice… Yep you know it. I know you’ve been there and done that too. Bet you even have the t-shirt. Oh, you have the bumper sticker too. That’s good I hate the thought that I’m in this thing alone.

In all this I wake each morning and ask the Lord to fill me with HIS love. You know, the kind that is not so utterly self absorbed in my own world with my own little problems. I am so thankful that God is truly mindful that we/I am just a frail jar of clay. He sees our heart. Think on that one for a minute or two. He sees our heart. Not just our dumb outward actions. Not all the screw up and all the struggles to keep our flesh under our feet. He sees the heart that is crying out to Love like HE loves. To give of ourselves with a pure motive. Not the one that wants only to meet it’s own self centered lusts.

It is that kind of Big Big heart that I want. The kind of heart that binds up the broken hearted and lifts up the hands that hang low. The kind of heart that forgives and keeps giving for others to be able to see “Him” in this vessel of clay (Me). It is the heart of my Loving~ Lover~ Lord that I want beating in my chest.

I hope you are with me in this. I know you are if you’ve received Jesus as your redeemer and King. But if you don’t know the love of God and you think He really does not know you by name or that He could care less about your needs I say just call out to Him. He is sure to make Himself known to you. And once you ask Him into your heart He will lift you into His loving arms and Love you with a love that mere folks like us here on planet earth are truly incapable of doing.

He loves you. Let Him Love you. He is the ONLY True Love

Until next time ~From A heart filled with God’s love for you , Firedancer


  1. I had no idea the Giraffe was so complex. They seem like such gentle giants. I really appreciate the way you tie their being in with our Creator, that to is a complex thing to do and you seem to do so with such ease. I'm with you; I want His heart, His overflowing kind of love for all others. Some days it is a struggle to get past my own life. Oh we frail humans.
    Thank you for another awesome post and for keeping it real.
    I love you Girl,

  2. You blessed me today. Great post. Thanks for sharing. The giraffe is an amazing and wondrous animal. Blessings to you. beth.


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