Sunday, 24 July 2011

Thoughts On My Page Remembering YOU

Wow!! What a whirlwind of events this past month and a half.
Not to mention life in general for all of us. None of us are strangers to sorrow but equally none of us are strangers to the joys of life.

Funny how we as humans can get caught up in our own joys or sorrows that without even realizing it we may sometimes seem to be callous or insensitive to others. But truthfully if we cant or dont tell the story someone else will for us.

To quote a not so famous person "me"
"Regrets suck like a super sour lemon causing our lips to purse tightly. Making us look like a prude or maybe even an ignorant "boob".

That's Brooklynese for Breassssstes {smile so your face doesn't crack} But depending on how you look at it that may not be such a bad thing. Cracking up that is into a smile.
In my opinion that is or maybe that is a world wide phenomenon. What's your take on it?

My stress reliever aside for my love of God that spells is as always my art at least until my fingers crumble and fall off. Just not today i pray. Go ahead laugh you know you want to.
I'm speakin to you my Ra Lee Sean B and all those who i was blessed to see these past weeks in NC
And a special hug and kiss to all of you out there who bent over backwards to welcome me home and pamper me paint my toenails visit me in my hour of affliction and believe in me even when the word on the streets contradicted what my heart was saying.
Once again promotes the age old habit of writing a personal note when blogs seem to just clog up the pipes of life. Nothing a good enema or do de tea cant cure :)

All pun aside please forgive me those of you out there who went out of your way to welcome me back to the "Queen Charlotte's City"

Most of the time I felt like I was blowing in the wind on top of the world some of the time i put my sorrow aside and played but when the lights went out i let the tears flow for you for me and for' 'my' Bees

Soroya signing out and stepping on...
The poems are still yet to be published so go on your way knowing im A. OK
praying that you are too.

, and dont think that just because i have much junk going on in my life that I'm too busy to hear your heart cry. You know me I'll just turn the junk into art :)
Even if at the moment i seem to be too pre-occupied or full to the brim with the joys and sorrows of just plain ol living tell me again you know how to get in touch and if not you know someone who has my number just leave a message at the sound of the beeeep (.
be it sorrows in the journey i will let you know if i didn't get it yet and please repeat to me once again

Hmmm maybe that's why every artist or appreciator of art loves a good looking breast.
OK, OK I am at this moment in time a boob covering my pain in the art of writing or painting or just getting from one cataclysmic day to another. Just like all of the rest of you out there.

So when the memories crash in and try to take us away, my opinion is just hold fast to your dreams and don't let go that is what i am determined to do.
Not only for my dreams but for yours too.
You know who I'm talking to and if you don't i say if you dont know me by now well I'm home again laughing in the sunshine and crying in my shadey spot.
Please speak plainly to me don't be afraid i will get there just like you. and all you anchor men and women out there sorry that i am so ignorant with the
I've decided that i must press on even when other peoples pain encroach upon my moments of joy we all have the same story not meaning to sound callous please dont misunderstand.
My advise these past weeks is stick with what stuck to you.
My paintings/graphic arts is and has always been my passion. like my sister Al and my sister Marcia now in the heavenly realm for those of you who my story is a parallel to your.

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  1. Hi Sororya,

    Long time no hear from! Hope all is well with you.

    Be blessed,


Hi All thank you for sending in your comments they will be greatly appreciated.

Word UP !!!

Thank you all who have in the recent days read my blog and given me such words of encourage-ment.
I cannot say how overwhelmed my heart is.
Please know that I pray for you all by name and take the time to ask God to bless you and speak directly to your heart as you read the words I write.
By the way I take no credit for the great stuff that comes out on the page.
I know full well that I am just taking dictation.
However for the not so great stuff well that would be me.
In any case I hope that when you read, you go away a little more encouraged. Remembering that we all go through pretty much the same stuff.
The great thing is that we never have to go it alone.
So if you ever need me just shoot me an email or a note and I will shoot up some incense for you directly into God's throne room. And if you can't do that just call out my name and know that I will hear you in the spirit. And I will pray for you even if I don't know you by name. God does and He can and will get the message out and send you the help you need from His sanctuary.
Now be re-freshed as you read 'The WORD UP' aka 'The Fresh Manna For the Day' !!!
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