Friday, 27 August 2010

Wonder Woman Rockeeta Here

This past week has been a real fight for so many people.Myself included but in a different sort of way.

Unlike the other week when I felt like I was hiking up the trail inside of someone else's ruck sack. Tonight I feel like the Warrior Queen from some Wonder Woman episode. Fighting for my loved ones in a village that has been invaded by terrorist raiders.

I can just imagine myself as Lynda Carter in a 'Chocolate' version. Wielding a massive sword and chopping off of the head of my enemy.

No, Perhaps I feel more like “Rockeeta” the female version of “Rocky Balboa” from Rocky 2 or is it 3 when he goes up against the monstrous Russian in the boxing ring.

Here’s a little Clip from my favorite Brooklynite (if only fictitious) Rocky Balboa Just click on the link and as you watch remember that Jesus promised us that He would never leave us or forsake us.

So hang in there bay bay and take Rockies advise and "Just keep moving forward".

And take some of Rockeeta’s advice; “Should you fall get back up again”

A righteous wo'/man falls seven times (the number for perfection) and gets back up again.

So even if you blew it “poy-fect-lee” this week. As us Brooklynites say (pronounced Ba-rook-lin-ites) it’s ok. Jesus paid for all our blunders. Just get back up again.

Or perhaps you feel like I did this week. Beat to a pulp. In Warrior Woman mode. Fighting for those in my life and those in my circle of influence.

If so, do like I do when I’m in the thick of the battle. PRAISE!

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.

Then Cry Out to Jesus and let Him wipe the blood off of your face.

Then just get back in the ring and give the enemy the woopin of his life :) Just don’t get in there alone. Let Him fight your battles for you.

PS “Know what your worth”

~Peace, Grace and Love, Firedancer


  1. yeah go girl!! big hugs. missed you this morn.

  2. Thanks Red miss you too. No transport today. Been walkin and praying in the land. Will be at Ardingly covering prayer.
    God is on the move in a lot of areas. But like I said I'm in Warrior Woman mode. Just call me Rokeeta LOL :)

  3. thanks for visiting. I'm enjoying poking around your blog. ;)

  4. Girl - tell it like it is!! and thank you for doing so. Last week, well for some time now, I have felt as though I have been trying to swing my sword of faith for not only myself but others too. Beaten, yeah, that would be the word, beaten from all sides during a relentless attack. This too shall pass.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in your own personal life which keeps the door open for our Daddy to speak through you. Your postings are more than timely and amazingly on target ;))



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Word UP !!!

Thank you all who have in the recent days read my blog and given me such words of encourage-ment.
I cannot say how overwhelmed my heart is.
Please know that I pray for you all by name and take the time to ask God to bless you and speak directly to your heart as you read the words I write.
By the way I take no credit for the great stuff that comes out on the page.
I know full well that I am just taking dictation.
However for the not so great stuff well that would be me.
In any case I hope that when you read, you go away a little more encouraged. Remembering that we all go through pretty much the same stuff.
The great thing is that we never have to go it alone.
So if you ever need me just shoot me an email or a note and I will shoot up some incense for you directly into God's throne room. And if you can't do that just call out my name and know that I will hear you in the spirit. And I will pray for you even if I don't know you by name. God does and He can and will get the message out and send you the help you need from His sanctuary.
Now be re-freshed as you read 'The WORD UP' aka 'The Fresh Manna For the Day' !!!
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