Thursday, 2 September 2010

Shake It Off And Step Up

This is for all you out there who are coming up against people who have been a bit of a 'donkey's end. Or, well how can I say it just ‘PLAIN EEEEVIL’.

You know the Kind…

Either they are the ones that smile in your face while twisting the knife into your back. Or they don’t even care to hide the venomous intents of their rotten hearts.

I know you must be saying; “Now, Now Soroya how can you talk like that”. But sorry there is just no nice way to broach the subject.

Sure I am just like you. I want to believe the best of people, but the bottom line is that we live in an ugly world with ugly people. And I don’t mean the outwardly ugly. I mean the ones who may look like the so called ‘Body beautifuls’ but on the inside they are what Jesus said are full of “Dead mans bones” the hypocrites. Matthew 23:27

The ones who think nothing of trashing your soul and throwing you on the wayside to rot in remorse and trepidation.

Sorry again but I am angry. Angry with righteous indignation. Angry that the evil doers seem to be inheriting the land. When I know that the Lord promised us that they would not. That we the righteous (those redeemed by the blood of the lamb) will be the ones to inherit the land.

Psalm 37:29

I am angry but I refuse to sin. Ephesians 4:26

There is a righteous anger. The kind that will stand in the gap for those who are being abused by the evil doers.

Don’t get me wrong I will pray for them and love them as Jesus said.

But I do not have to like them or agree with their evil deeds.

The Lord did not tell us that we had to like people who are like that. He said that we were to “Love”. Remember Love is a VERB. Matthew 5:44

It is not merely a series of ooshy, gooshy warm and fuzzy feelings. Feelings come and Feelings go. So let the feelings go and hang tight to the love. God's kind of love. The Love that will bless instead of curse. We can bless someone without blessing their actions or their wicked (twisted thinking) ways. Bless them with the mind of Christ and the fear of the Lord. Which is the beginning of wisdom Psalm 111:10

The poem below is one I wrote a few years ago when I read the headlines of the paper where a donkey was stuck in a well.

It reminded me of the story of the ‘Donkey in the Well” Here is my rendition of the story.

There once was a Donkey who was an adorable thing. But he had a bit of a stubborn streak. He really loved to tease his master by doing the things he knew made the old man upset. Then he would whinny with delight when he got a reaction. Now the Donkey didn’t have a mean streak. He was just a bit mischievous. But his master on the other hand, was a crotchety old man who had no sense of humor and took life far too seriously. One day the donkey got on the farmers last nerve, as he would not budge to do anything that the farmer wanted him to do. In fact he plopped right down on his ‘asses ass’(‘scuse’ the lingo.) This made the farmer more furious than he had ever been and the gears in his mind began to work over times as to how he could get rid of the obstinate creature. The farmer was at an odds as he did not know how to get rid of the donkey, as he was old and no one would want to buy him. Then one day in a fit of rage the farmer set a trap for the poor donkey over a well and when the sad fellow fell to the bottom of the well he left him there. Without much remorse I must say. On top of it he got even more malicious and began shoveling dirt onto his back. Man what a mean cuss he was. {Know any people like that? I do}

Anyway, Dear Mr. Donkey was an optimistic little fellow a “glass half full kinda guy”. So when he hit the bottom of the well instead of just sitting there as the dirt fell onto his back. Or feeling sorry for himself until he was buried alive. He simply began shaking his back as each clod fell down and stepped onto the pile of dirt beneath his feet.

Finally the little pile of dirt began to grow and as it did he simply shook it off and stepped up. As the evil farmer kept shoveling dirt and cussing out the poor creature, he began to smile wickedly thinking that his troubles were over.

Until all of a sudden as he turned to get a another pile of dirt, he heard the familiar sound that he knew so well. Yep you got it, the 'delightful little whinny of the donkey’. As he turned around he saw the donkeys' grinning face. Before the farmer could do a thing, the donkey simply jumped over the side of the well and ran off. Never to return.

The moral of the story when people are trying to bury you with the evil intentions of their heart simply do like the donkey and 'SHAKE IT ALL OFF AND STEP UP'.

When people are rotten and evil and mean
When their words try to bury you deep
Just think of the donkey stuck in the well
Don't let their junk make a heap
Just draw in a deep breath
Then count slowly to ten
Shake off their words with great might
With resolve in your spirit and a song on your lips
NEVER draw back from the fight
Be like the donkey...
Make the first move

Poem by; Soroya aka SS Firedancer © All rights reserved

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  1. You absolutely rock Sista!! THANK YOU!! My soul rejoices to know that we are on the same side of the battle line.



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