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Giraffeology Part Six: Come on and lets Chew the Cud

Well finally I’m back with some more Giraffe wisdom. This time I thought I would go onto the stomach. Why the stomach and not the ears or the lungs or for that matter the feet. I am not quite sure as yet but I am sure the Lord will let us know.

I hope you will enjoy this next part as I listen for some more wisdom from God as He speaks about one of His most wonderful creations. The Giraffe. That is in my opinion at least.

The Giraffe is what is known as a ruminant animal. These are animals that chew cud and have a multi-chambered stomach. Like cows, camels, buffalo and deer.

The giraffe like the cow and the buffalo/bison has a four chambered stomach. Or four stomachs as it is referred to by most.This is where it gets exciting for me and where I hear the still soft voice of the Lord calling me to listen up.

Numbers have always been quite significant in the Bible in fact in the original text each Hebrew letter has an equivalent number to correspond with it. So lets look at what the number four means as the giraffe has four stomachs.

I absolutely love the scientific side of numbers and the hidden hermeneutical side of numbers. I am totally charged when I find out their significance in God’s word.

Yet in reality the practical application of numbers in the mathematical sense somewhat puts me into a cold sweat. As you have probably figure out by now ‘words are my passion’. Numbers in general make me cringe. The thought of balancing the check book or having to add more than four numbers at a time makes my head begin to spin.

So it’s a good thing that there are only four stomachs and not 4x4x4. Just Kidding. OK not really there really is an ounce of truth in every joke.

But it’s ok this side of numbers excites me. So here goes.

Four in the Bible speaks of the Creative works of God. In other words all that God created being seen in and throughout all of His creation.

For example the four elements; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. All material things are made of these four essential elements. Ok maybe we don’t call them “Earth, Wind, Fire and Water but in truth that is what makes up all material substances on this third rock from the sun that we call home.

Home for now that is. For those of us that are planning on going when Jesus comes back for us.

You know what really blows my mind? It is that if all the elements that make up a human body were to be given a monetary amount it would come up to about $4.50 that is about 2.5o pounds British Sterling in today's market. I’ve paid more for a cupper at Starbucks for what the human body is worth in today's market. Wow talk about a cheap date.

Come to think of it I think I’ve taken things to the charity shop worth more than that.

But God… The Great God of all creation stepped out of eternity and came down to live inside a sack worth less than some hair care products.

Come on now as one of my favorite preachers Jesse (Jesse Duplantis that is) would say “Don’t shout me down when I’m preachin’ good”.

Jahovah gave it all up to rescue us from the garbage heap so to speak.

Huh, even the paving in heaven (gold) is worth more monetarily than what a human is comprised of.

Whoa !!! Take a mo and chew the cud on that one.

I don’t know about you but that makes me marvel.

Just think God didn’t choose a rare gem or precious metals to make us out of. Like gold or silver.

He took common dirt and made us.

Yet, we know through The Sacrifice “JESUS”, God gave His most precious possession. His only begotten son. And even more ridiculous to the simple block head is that all we have to do is believe and He comes and jumps right into the dirt pile. “US” and lives there. Wow Wow and Wow and again I say Wow Wow!!!!

Oh How He Truly Loves Us.<Click here to listen to John Mark McMillan “Oh How He Loves “and feel the love.

(I’ll write one day soon about my experience with Stephen from another perspective as he was one of my best friends sons’)

Now here is some more food for thought. Or should I say food for cud.

Oh Cud there I go again getting off on another runaway train.

Anyway, back to Geoffrey and his 4 stomachs. There are four phases that a giraffes food goes through in digestion. I wont go into them all just click above on Giraffe or ruminant.

The first is… Yep you got it again my aren’t you so clever. “Cud chewing”.

This is the part where he eats his or in the case of Genny Giraffe her yummy acacia leaves and regurgitates it so they can taste it’s yummy flavor just one more time. Sounds pretty gross. Yuck!!

Come on take the train with me (of thought that is) and imagine it anyway.

You sit down to have your desert and before you do, you think about that lovely main course of lobster and decide it was sooo good that you want to try it just one more time. Naaah. Sorry not my idea of a lovely exotic meal. How about you? Don't think so bud. However…

In terms of the spirit life, that is exactly what God wants us to do, stop and chew the cud with Him. In Biblical lingo ‘Selah’ stop and think about it.

Meditate on His word and His ways. Think of how much He really loves us and how much He has so freely given us. We who never did a thing for Him. And the wonderful thing is He doesn’t ask us to. John 5:24

He just wants us to enjoy all He has given.

Here is food for thought. One of my favorite treats that I enjoy is that our Loving, Lover, Lord made us to see in living colour. Not like some animals (like the horse) that see in black and white.

I guess being an artist color is a marvel to me. And yes in answer to your question I do know how to spell. I’m just giving equal opportunity spelling UK vs. US :)

So go on taste and see that GOD IS GOOD! ALL THE TIME… One more time before you forget about the wonderful savory taste that His love gives you, bring it up one more time on your spiritual taste buds.

In fact why don’t you make a list of “These are a few of my favorite things” and know that those favorites like colour/color or flowers or sunsets or the face of your sweet.

What ever your favorite is know that it or they is/are a gift from God.

Now before the sensation or the high is over stop and taste it one more time. Take time to Re-member Him. Then just shoot up a little praise as you (I hope) stand in awe at How Great Our God is and how great His love is for you.

However if you perhaps are thinking; “life has been pretty bitter to me thus far and the only taste I have in my mouth is the horrid acrid taste of disappointment, pain and rejection. I sure don’t want to chew on that again.”

Well please know,that is not God. Not the Loving Creator of All.

He’s the one who loves you more than you can ever imagine. He took all your suffering and pain and all the cruddy things that life dished out to you. The plate He has prepared for you is filled with Joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Just stop and take a taste from His plate. Even if you may be saying “How in the world can I possibly taste of God’s plate”?

Well simple. Get a hold of His word ‘The Bible’ and then invite the author or should I say the chef to sit down with you and share His meal for you. The wonderful meal He has prepared just for you of His never ending love and comfort.

I can’t say that life won’t dish out some more bitter hurtful stuff, but I can say that when you embrace Jesus He will give you sweets that will replace the bad taste in your mouth.

So know get your Cud up and start chewing. MM MM MMMMMMM !!!!

Love and Prayers, Firedancer


  1. Hey Soroya!

    First I want to tell you how adorable your Jubilee Five Celebration slideshow is....lov it girl and wish I could jump across the pond and enjoy the festivities!!! Blessings to you both.....we just celebrated our 34th last month!!!!!....God is so good!! PTL!!!

    Now, I had to really smile when I read this post!! You see, the Lord spoke to me years ago about a cow chewing her cud and shared many of the same insights! I've shared it many times when teaching or sharing at Bible studies and reading your giraffe similarities made me smile and loll!! Our God certainly has a sense of humor!! : ))

    Question, are you from Brooklyn? One of my best friends in Phoenix is from Brooklyn and the Lord brought us together and it's a hoot to hear us talk to one another.....all of her Italian Brooklynese and all of my Southern ya'lls together are hilarious! Somehow when I read your posts I imagine a little Brooklynese in there and I smile! Never really knew anyone from NY until I met my friend Jay and then my daughter marries the most wonderful guy (like our very own son,PTL) from Buffalo!

    Also, I noticed your NC on my mind clock......I love NC....have family there and anytime I can manage to get back to NC I jump on it!!

    BTW, your blog looks great!


  2. Wow Jackie how funny yes indeed I am a Brooklynite in fact I have a post I am working on that I have not posted yet about Brooklyneze
    I just love how Pappa connects us in so many ways. As I said My Mi "Michael" and I are believing God that one day we will be in Arizona. At least that is what the vision looked like. God gave me a vision years ago of being in what I thought was Arizona and then 'Mi' confirmed it. God brought Michael and I back together after 20years (long story) we met fell in love he jumped back over the pond we went our separate ways and then boom the Lord brought us back together. One day I will share the love story.
    Congrats on the 34 years!!! Woo Hoo
    Thanks again for the comment. Now that I changed the background I have to go back and change some font colors so they can be read.
    Blessings, Soroya aka Firedancer

  3. Hi Soroya,

    I'm supposed to be working right now, but decided to answer your post that you left some days ago. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend losing her son. I can't imagine that type of pain. And being a best friend to someone who has lost a child must be gut-wrenching, too. Keep praying and praying. I had a friend who lost her son some years ago. It was incredibly heart-breaking. Why God allows such tragedies I do not know. I'll remember you guys in my prayers. Take care.



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