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Giraffeology Seven: Finally the End from Top To Bottom ???

As you can see I am coming to an end of Giraffeology. All good things must come to an end. So I will try my best to wrap up the giraffe saga in this article. Even though there is much more that I can write about the marvels of the giraffe I have decided that I will try and move onto other things.

So starting from the top and working my way down I will endeavor in this piece to fill in any of the other bits and pieces that I have left out about the wonderful giraffe’s anatomy. Then as the spirit moves me I will seek to see what God might have to say to me and you, if there is any of you out there reading this.

Starting at the top are the horns. Unlike some animals both the male and female giraffe have horns. These horns are called ‘ossicones’ ,they are made of bone and are attached to the scull.

Talk about a bone head.   As for me, I pray that I do not become so high minded that I can not receive from someone else's wisdom or that I ever get to the point when I think that I have arrived and can not learn something new. 

In fact there are many times that I stop and check myself to see if I am being thick headed or bucking heads with someone else just for the sake of it. This is what the giraffe males do as a form of sport. 

When someone has a difference in opinion than I do, I try and look at it from their point of view and not close myself off by being narrow minded in my thinking. I want to be able to hear their heart even if their words are not coming out quite as clearly it could.

Which brings me to my next point, ‘the ears’ or the hearing of the giraffe. The giraffe has 8in/~20cm ears. That is about the length of a large mans hand. Pretty impressive eh?

For many years giraffes were thought to have hearing equivalent to that of humans. However research on giraffe communication shows that they use infrasonic sound frequencies below that of a humans range of hearing. So in other words they communicate on what we would call a subconscious level.

Is this not what listening in the spirit is like? When we listen to the little inner voice, the hunch or the premonition, is that not just like hearing on a level below human hearing.

So here is the spiritual side of it. When we take time to be with God and listen for His still small voice (1Kings 19:12) we are given incite into hearing that is far beyond what we could have within our own human ability. We then become like the giraffe in a sense that can hear through walls and into other rooms.

This is the kind of hearing that I want. That I seek for. To hear God. To hear past all the loudness that is all around in every day life. To hear in that quiet place. The place where I am caught up in God’s love and all the marvelous ways that He chooses to show that love.

I didn’t get very far to the bottom did I ? So I guess I will be back with more later.

Oh well you know the old saying “It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind”.

B&P, Firedancer




  1. The Giraffe has to be one of God's strangest looking critters that He ever created. I wonder how brother Noah got two of them on the ark? :-)

    Have a great weekend


  2. Thanks Ron,
    I totally agree with you strange but awesome. The ark to me is one of the most amazing thngs also that God has as a type of how Jesus redeemed us.
    Blessings, Ron

  3. You cant even know how excited I am!!!! I am going to read all your blogs on giraffes. God gave me a dream a while back on Giraffes that when I woke up and then looked up giraffes that he was speaking to me some cool lifechanging stuff. I have been finally wanting to write it down in my blog. At first I didnt want to becuz it was so precious. But now I want to share it. so seeing your post encouraged me to start writing about what God showed me. I will let you know when I finally finished writing it.


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